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AeroGear 1.0.0.CR1 is out!


We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of AeroGear 1.0.0.CR1, our first Candidate Release!

gears http://www.flickr.com/photos/heartlover1717/7239093056/sizes/z/in/photostream/

This release is all about stabilization towards our final release, which is at hand!

A huge thank you to the AeroGear team and the open source community!

New features

Besides the major focus on cleaning out APIs, we also added a few new features like:

  • AeroGear Store’s filter method got implemented to query a subset of the stored data
  • AeroGear Pipe: cancel method to terminate (running) requests e.g. in case of Application shutdown.
  • AeroGear Pipe: timeout configuration parameter.
  • AeroGear Controller was improved with support to custom headers, media types, pagination and friends.
  • AeroGear.js: Removing Unneeded Utility Method.
  • AeroGear security was updated with the PicketLink Alpha release (yes, we live on the edge!).
  • HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) based on RFC 6797 was fully implemented as an additional security policy mechanism.
  • AeroGear controller demo and our TODO app were updated with the latest bits from AG Controller and Security.

New Team Member

The AeroGear team is growing! Let’s give a warm welcome to Daniel Passos, that joined our team today!

Release notes:


  • [AEROGEAR-892] - CORS: Valid Request Headers should not be case sensitive.
  • [AEROGEAR-893] - JS paging Bug, with WebLink option
  • [AEROGEAR-907] - Controller demo deployment error
  • [AEROGEAR-917] - textStatus and jqXHR parameters are missing in the save and remove success cb
  • [AEROGEAR-919] - When using SessionLocal store.save() returns a undefined object
  • [AEROGEAR-927] - Cleanup tearDown by removing the AGMockURLProtocol reset methods.
  • [AEROGEAR-928] - IOS 5 test fails on testReadWithTimeout
  • [AEROGEAR-934] - OTP qrcode shows hashed value in Google Authenticator instead of username
  • [AEROGEAR-937] - Produces ordering is not honoured for routes
  • [AEROGEAR-950] - Timer not invalidated after succ/fail callbacks
  • [AEROGEAR-954] - add timeout configuration parameter in authenticator
  • [AEROGEAR-955] - add “cancel” to AGAuthenticationModule
  • [AEROGEAR-958] - OTP QRCode link returns 404
  • [AEROGEAR-960] - cancelAllOperation fails with variable paths
  • [AEROGEAR-961] - override cancel to invalidate timer

Feature Request

  • [AEROGEAR-617] - Decouple ag security from controller to have things a la carte
  • [AEROGEAR-697] - Add aerogear-controller support on TODO app
  • [AEROGEAR-875] - iOS: Pipe timeout config param
  • [AEROGEAR-897] - Create aerogear-security-picketlink repository on github
  • [AEROGEAR-898] - Adding “cancel” to AGPipe
  • [AEROGEAR-901] - Add “cancel” to Pipeline
  • [AEROGEAR-902] - Publish TODO app in the Apple App Store
  • [AEROGEAR-908] - OTP iOS demo causes NPE on the server side
  • [AEROGEAR-909] - Change Aerogear-OTP-ios-demo to use JSON backend
  • [AEROGEAR-918] - ios: AGStore remove callbacks
  • [AEROGEAR-921] - DRY out aerogear.js Auth adapter
  • [AEROGEAR-922] - Use JSON.stringify for enroll/login
  • [AEROGEAR-930] - Upgrade TODO app to the latest stable release of PicketLink
  • [AEROGEAR-931] - POST/PUT request timeout interval ignored on iOS 5.x
  • [AEROGEAR-938] - ios: AGStore API
  • [AEROGEAR-940] - Add HSTS support on AeroGear Security
  • [AEROGEAR-941] - Demonstrate how to properly configure HTTP Basic authentication support on AG Controller demo
  • [AEROGEAR-942] - Demonstrate how to properly configure HTTP Digest authentication support on AG Controller demo
  • [AEROGEAR-943] - Add full support of AG Security on TODO app
  • [AEROGEAR-944] - Test Login/Logout/Enroll operations with timeout and cancel
  • [AEROGEAR-951] - Android: incomplete documentation on the README.md file
  • [AEROGEAR-953] - AeroGear Controller must handle HTTP status responses from AG Security
  • [AEROGEAR-965] - Release AeroGear Controller
  • [AEROGEAR-966] - Release AeroGear Security with PicketLink Alpha
  • [AEROGEAR-976] - Inclusion of HSTS support


  • [AEROGEAR-537] - TODO app should make use of aerogear-controller
  • [AEROGEAR-760] - Create a requirements/use-case document for AeroGear/Forge plugin integration
  • [AEROGEAR-778] - Simplify Routing tests
  • [AEROGEAR-856] - Investigate using CDI for implementing Pagination support
  • [AEROGEAR-858] - Remove auth dependency from pipeline, if possible - JS
  • [AEROGEAR-863] - Make PagingStrategy pluggable
  • [AEROGEAR-884] - CorsConfig exposeHeaders and validRequestHeaders should take String varags
  • [AEROGEAR-899] - Update Controllers README.md
  • [AEROGEAR-900] - Create User Guide for Controller
  • [AEROGEAR-905] - Update Controller Demo README
  • [AEROGEAR-910] - Update Controller Demo after Pagination Refactoring
  • [AEROGEAR-911] - Document how to cancel a request (read, save, remove) on Pipeline
  • [AEROGEAR-916] - Remove need for AeroGear.ajax
  • [AEROGEAR-925] - Document proper callback usage for handling storage errors in SessionLocal DataManager adapter
  • [AEROGEAR-926] - Ensure TODO app and any other app/quickstart still works with latest changes to AeroGear.js
  • [AEROGEAR-929] - Update TODO app to use M8
  • [AEROGEAR-935] - Controller Demo should have Error Route for UnexpectedCredentialException
  • [AEROGEAR-936] - Controller demo auth routes should support JSON
  • [AEROGEAR-945] - Update Controller JavaDocs and version on site.
  • [AEROGEAR-947] - Remove utilities references from Gruntfile.js
  • [AEROGEAR-948] - Default Error Route only supports “text/html”
  • [AEROGEAR-949] - Refactor AbstractRestResponder and Responder interface interact better with CDI
  • [AEROGEAR-956] - Update CustomMediaTypeResponder to reflect changes in Controller
  • [AEROGEAR-977] - Refactor hasRoles to return true if the users has any of the roles, not just all of the roles.
  • [AEROGEAR-978] - Update AG-Controller version on site
  • [AEROGEAR-985] - TODO App: turn off hibernate logging.