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AeroGear 1.2.0 is out!


We’re happy like the reindeers leading Santa to the North Pole to announce the immediate availability of AeroGear 1.2.0

Data encryption

Security is not a one-man job, it is something which must be built closer to the community feedback and improved, otherwise it can turn into a recipe for disaster. For this reason the December release of AeroGear was mostly focused around local data encryption for Android, iOS and JavaScript.

The major goal was to make cryptography a subject easy for humans to understand, not only specialists or mathematicians. We know this is a delicate topic with overcomplicated API’s that have been haunting most developers for years.

API symmetry

The AeroGear Crypto API was designed with developers in mind, we don’t want to push complexity if you’re just trying to encrypt data. Initially we’ve added support for PBKDF2, AES with GCM/CBC modes and also created 3 projects:

  • AeroGear Crypto Java compatible with Android and JEE applications.
  • AeroGear iOS Crypto
  • AeroGear Crypto JS


AeroGear Android is releasing version 1.3.0, this release was focused on crypto, and adds Encrypted Database support. We’ve introduced two new encrypted Store adapters.

For more information about the Android release, check out this blog post


The iOS team is happy to announce version 1.3.0 of its library with a major theme enabling local data encryption. As part of this effort, a new library has been introduced, aerogear-crypto-ios, that will support our future crypto efforts going forward. Further, other features include, multipart upload now supported on the Pipe, as well as the introducing of a new SQLite adapter on our DataManager.

More information for this release, including links to demos for you to try out, can be found on our blog post.

Have fun!


With this release we started to lay down the groundwork for encryption using already existent libraries since it would be a shame to reinvent the wheel.

Basically our focus was to create a simple API for humans to make use of these encryption functionalities:

  • symmetric encryption with GCM
  • digital signatures
  • asymmetric encryption with elliptic curves
  • PBKDF2

We’ve been told that JavaScript cryptography can be considered harmful and that there’s some already known issues, but we are true believers that the WebCrypto specification will help us to provide better cryptography to our applications.

You are free to strongly disagree and help us to improve.

For more information about the Javascript release, check it out here


AeroGear SimplePush Server has released version 0.9.0. The main feature of this version is that the datastore used for persistent storage
can now be configured.
Support for using CouchDB, Redis,
JPA, and a simple in-memory
datastore are provided by the project. For more information please refer to the project documentation.


AeroGear UnifiedPush Server has just released version 0.9.0. Besides several bug fixes, this release brings some new features and enhancements:

  • Server-side API changes:
    • True unification of our supported client platforms. Before this release the SimplePush clients were a bit different
    • We now allow the registered devices/clients to be TAGGED in multiple categories, e.g. based on app user interest.
  • The Admin Console has received some further polish and cleanups.
  • A new feature on this release, is that you are now given the option to renew your Master and Variants Secrets right inside the console
  • Further, both our sender libraries (Java and NodeJS ) have been updated to accomodate the server-side API changes and a new callback mechanism when sending notifications (more info on the sender API can be found here).

So go ahead, grab it while it is hot and give it a spin. You can also try our UnifiedPush cartridge on OpenShift for painless installation.

For more information about the UnifiedPush Server release, check it out here