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AeroGear Sync alpha.1 release is out


This is the first alpha release of AeroGear Sync which is an implementation of Google’s Differential Synchonrization by Neil Fraser which provides full real-time data synchronization, where updates are initiated from both the client and server side over a bi-directional channel. This release provides both, server side sync engines, as well as a java client side sync engine.


Our server is written in Java and provides three different synchronization algorithms:

  • DiffMatchPatch
  • JsonMergePatch
  • JsonPatch

On our Github repository we have uploaded a distribution that contains executable JAR files for these different server flavors.

The JSON Patch version of the server is also available as a WAR file and can be also deployed on WildFly.

Client libraries

Based on this release there are different client implementations, powered by AeroGear.

Demo application

As part of this release we are providing a simple demo application that is based around Luke Skywalker and his hobbies.

To run the above demo applications you’ll need one of the sync servers running, please refer to the links below for instructions about how to
start the servers.
Java Server

See it in Action

We also have a little screencast, showing the demo


For more details about the current release, please consult our documentation.


What’s next?

  • Client library for Windows.
  • More alpha releases as we continue developing the server and clients.
  • Node.js based Sync Server