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AeroGear iOS SDK v2.3 is out!


The iOS team is happy to announce the version 2.3 of the AeroGear iOS libraries. This version revisits all Swift libs to update them to Swift 1.2.

What’s inside

1. Ready for iOS 8.3

With Watch released today, it’s time to get ready for iOS 8.3!

Our 2.3 release brings iOS 8.3 support and compile against Xcode 6.3 with Swift 1.2. This is the list of released pods as part of iOS 2.3:

2. Embedded WebVew option for OAuth2

With AGIOS-414, aerogear-ios-oauth2 adds the option to use an embedded WebView rather than triggering an external browser when doing the OAuth2 danse.

3. House cleaning tasks

All 1.6.x demo repos have been moved to cookbook 1.6.x branch:
- aerogear-aerodoc-ios is deprecated, new location is aerogear-ios-cookbook/AeroDoc.
- aerogear-otp-ios-demo is deprecated, new location is aerogear-ios-cookbook/Two-Factor.
- aerogear-crypto-ios-demo is deprecated, new location is aerogear-ios-cookbook/PasswordManager.

What’s next?

Next release will focus on offline mode. Watch out the mailing list for discussion and progress in that area. You can also expect some house cleaning tasks around deprecated 1.6.x branch. Stay tuned!

Give our libraries and demos a spin and let us know what you think! If you run into any problems, please file an issue and/or ask our dev and user mailing list or join us on IRC #aerogear channel

Have fun!

AeroGear iOS team